Fertility Screening Singapore

Fertility screening is recommended for couples who are looking to start a family, or for those who have been trying to conceive but face difficulties doing so.

Fertility rates for both men and women decline with age. With more couples in Singapore choosing to settle down at a later age, it is unsurprising that more couples are finding trouble conceiving nowadays.

Undergoing a fertility screen will help the couple identify any underlying issues that may be making it more challenging to conceive. 

It is always encouraged to get a screen done earlier rather than later.

Causes of Female and Male Infertility

A successful pregnancy requires both a healthy egg and sperm to form a healthy embryo to be successfully implanted in the womb. Thus, any issues that occur in any of these factors can lead to infertility in a couple.

Remember that male factor infertility plays an equally important role as female causes.

Think you need a Fertility Screening?

Female Causes Of Infertility

Male Causes Of Infertility

It is also important not to forget sexual dysfunction related causes such as Vaginismus for women, or erectile dysfunction in men.

What Does A Fertility Assessment Include

A fertility assessment and screening is a relatively quick process for both men and women.

A comprehensive fertility screen involves performing tests for BOTH the male and female partner.

It is a misconception that only the woman is required to undergo a fertility test.

It is estimated that amongst couples with fertility issues, one third is caused by female factors while one third is caused by male factors. The last one third is due to unknown causes.

A fertility assessment will include the following:

1. Detailed History

A detailed history is required to understand the medical condition of the couple. This will include any medical issues or regular medications that they are taking.

More intimate questions including a detailed sexual history will also be required to better understand the underlying cause for any fertility issues. This will include questions regarding the frequency of sexual intercourse, and any issues with intimacy.

2. Physical Examination

A physical examination is also important to evaluate for any obvious problems with the male or female reproductive system.

In women, a pelvic examination will be carried out – this will allow the doctor to check for any abnormal growths or masses that can affect fertility.

In men, an examination of the scrotal region will also be carried out to check for any abnormal masses around the genital region.

3. Investigations

Investigations form an extremely crucial part of fertility screening, as it allows us to look for and diagnose any underlying problems in the male or female partner. The relevant tests and investigations are explained in the following paragraph.

Think you need a Fertility Screening?

Fertility Testing For Women

Fertility screening for women can be broadly classified into 4 types of tests:

1. Hormonal Blood Tests

Hormonal blood tests include a comprehensive screen of female hormones to look out for issues such as:

Preconception tests include screening for maternal infections and blood disorders that can affect a pregnancy and the baby

Untreated and undiagnosed STDs like chlamydia are known to cause infertility.

This can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which causes adhesions and scar tissue in the pelvic organs making it difficult to conceive.

Very often, long standing chlamydia infection can be asymptomatic, and women do not know they have this infection until they have difficulty conceiving.

4. Scans

There can be various types of scans done to evaluate a woman’s fertility, and each type of scan tells us something different that may contribute to a woman’s infertility.

4a. Ultrasound Pelvis

An ultrasound scan is usually performed to evaluate your uterus, tubes and ovaries. This looks for growths in the ovary and womb or even swollen fallopian tubes.

4b. Hysterosalpingogram

This is done using a special medical dye that is used to evaluate the patency of the fallopian tubes, and to check for any blockages.

Fertility Testing For Men

Fertility screening for Men includes:

1. Semen Analysis

A semen analysis involves analysis of the quality of a man’s sperm, including the sperm count, motility and quality.

2. Blood Tests

Men may also be recommended to undergo blood tests to screen for any hormonal issues or any infections or blood disorders that can be genetically passed to the baby.

Who Is Suitable for Fertility Screening?

It is usually recommended for couples who have been actively trying for:

  •  At least a year, if you are below 35 years old
  •  6 months for those 35 years old and older

Fertility screening is also suitable for any couple who is looking to begin to try to conceive and wish to get a thorough check before trying.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I go for a fertility check?

If you have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for the past 1 year or the past 6 months (if 35 or older) with regular intercourse, it may be time to go for a fertility check.

Do I need a fertility screen if I have given birth before?

Some women do suffer from infertility even after they have previously given birth successfully before. This is known as secondary subfertility. This is caused by factors such as increasing maternal age or new and undiagnosed conditions in either the male or female.

What should I do if I am planning to conceive?
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. You are encouraged to quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake as these can affect the quality of the eggs and sperm.
  • Start taking folic acid 3 months before trying to conceive
  • Consider getting a preconception screen or fertility screen done early
Where can I get a fertility screen done?

Fertility screening can be done at a Women’s Health Clinic like Ezra Clinic. We offer affordable fertility screening tests to cater to both male and female partners.

How much does fertility screening cost in Singapore?

Fertility screening costs vary depending on the clinic that you choose to go. The average prices of Fertility screening ranges from $400 to $500 depending on which fertility clinic you visit.

At Ezra Clinic, our fertility screening packages start from $250.



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