Dr Michelle Chia

Medical Director

Dr Michelle Chia set up Ezra Clinic with the vision of creating a One Stop Clinic For Women that integrates the 2 areas of her passion and expertise - Women’s Health and Aesthetic Medicine.


Dr Michelle is a passionate advocate of women’s health and wellness. She graduated from the National University of Singapore and subsequently spent her post graduate years working in KKH in the gynecology department. She also underwent elective training in Women’s Dermatology in KK Hospital during her time there.

She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s Health from the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland.

As an advocate for holistic female health and wellness, Dr Michelle subsequently also pursued her post graduate accreditation in Aesthetic Medicine by obtaining her Certificates of Competence in Aesthetic Procedures by the Aesthetic Dermatology Education Group Singapore.

Experience and Recognition

Dr Michelle Chia has done extensive research in the field of Women’s Health, having her work presented at Multiple International Gynaecological Conferences which include:

Her research work has also been recognized in several established local conferences.

Dr Chia’s work in other fields of medicine have also been presented in other International Conferences as far as Vienna, Austria and Canada.

Dr Michelle was also awarded the prestigious SingHealth OBGYN Academic Clinical Program Research Grant in 2017 for her research work in Contraception Awareness and Practices amongst Women in Singapore

Being recognized for her expertise in both fields, Dr Michelle has also been invited to speak on multiple media platforms on both Women’s Health and Aesthetic Related topics including:

Her Journey and Inspiration

Coming from a background in post graduate training in Gynaecology and Women’s Health for many years, Dr Michelle then subsequently trained in Aesthetic Medicine in a few established Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore. This journey helped Dr Michelle to be able to focus on her passion – to provide the best holistic all rounded care for women in terms of their health and wellness. The founding of Ezra Clinic was born from Dr Michelle’s inspiration to integrate and combine her 2 areas of passion and expertise – Women’s Health and Anti-ageing Aesthetic Treatments, to provide a one stop clinic for women that provides specially curated holistic female centred services.

Her Passion and Vision

At Ezra Clinic, Dr Michelle strives to provide a safe space for women to achieve their best self.

Her vision and passion is to provide quality and affordable treatments for women to look and feel their best, and to empower accessible healthcare for women in the hands of a caring, experienced doctor.

As an expert in the Women’s Health and Wellness Space, Ezra Clinic is able to deliver a wide array of solutions to different Women’s Health, Beauty and Skin conditions for the modern day woman.

Ezra Clinic is a Women’s Health, Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic that is conveniently located at the top floor of Royal Square Medical Suites in Novena, Singapore’s Medical Health Hub.

Helmed by Dr Michelle Chia, Ezra Clinic is your chosen one stop clinic for all your Women’s Health and Wellness needs.


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