About EZRA Clinic

Our name “EZRA” means “Help” or “Helper”.

This emulates our ethos of helping women achieve their best self in their health and wellness.

Our Purpose

We strive to provide a safe space for women to seek treatments for their feminine health, beauty and wellness, all in one place.

The EZRA Difference

As an expert in the Women’s Health and Wellness Space, Ezra Clinic is able to deliver a wide array of solutions to different Women’s Health, Beauty and Skin conditions for the modern day woman.

What sets us apart, is our expertise in all things female related.

Under the expertise of Dr Michelle Chia, embrace our holistic approach to feminine wellness under professional guidance.

From holistic Women’s Health Services, to Female Centered Aesthetics.

We empower women to be the best version of themselves.

Ezra Clinic is able to deliver a wide array of solutions to different skin and beauty conditions for women. We specialize in female centered aesthetics and meet each woman’s needs through our holistic approach to feminine beauty with modern technology.

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Dr Michelle Chia

Medical Director

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Dr Michelle's journey allowed her to train in Women's Health and Aesthetic Medicine. Her experience has led her to be featured on multiple media platforms including Radio Stations and prominent Magazines like Her World, Women's Weekly and CLEO. Her work has also received recognition both locally and internationally in several Medical Conferences.

Ezra Clinic is a Women’s Health, Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic that is conveniently located at the top floor of Royal Square Medical Suites in Novena, Singapore’s Medical Health Hub.

Helmed by Dr Michelle Chia, Ezra Clinic is your chosen one stop clinic for all your Women’s Health and Wellness needs.


    101 Irrawaddy Road #21-09, Royal Square Medical Centre, Singapore 329565

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