Premarital Screening

What Is Premarital or Preconception Screening?

Premarital Screening involves specially designed testing for couples who are planning to get married soon. 

These tests involve screening for conditions that can potentially affect your spouse, or the health of your future children. These include screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections, Genetic blood disorders and other serious medical conditions or infectious diseases.

Preconception Screening consists of tests that are designed for couples that intend to start conceiving and start a family soon.

Similar to a Premarital Screening, Preconception Testing also involves screening for sexually transmitted diseases and other genetic or serious medical conditions that can potentially affect a mother,her pregnancy or the unborn child.

We understand that every couple has different needs.

The types of tests most suitable for you will be recommended by the doctor after you have had a proper consultation.

At Ezra Clinic, we offer a wide range of Premarital and Preconception screening tests that are individually catered for both women and men.

Think you need a Premarital Screening?

Why Is Premarital and Preconception Screening Important?

Premarital Screening allows a couple to have a clear understanding of each other’s health status before embarking on the lifelong journey of marriage. It also allows any underlying infections or genetic conditions to be detected early, so that treatment and adequate planning can take place.

This is particularly important especially if the couple intends to start a family later on.

Preconception Screening,likewise, also allows a couple to be better prepared and have a better understanding of their health condition when trying to conceive. 

This allows any preventable infections to be treated before the woman is pregnant, any genetic counseling and preparation to be taken if required, and ensures both the husband and wife are in their best health before conceiving.

What Tests Are Done For Premarital and Preconception Screening?

Premarital Screening and Preconception Screening cover similar types of tests, and the extent of tests required will be determined after a detailed consultation and discussion with your doctor.

In general, the various tests required for Premarital Screening include:

HIV / Syphilis / Hepatitis B

These blood borne infections can be sexually transmitted or passed from the mother to the unborn child. 

Full Blood Count

It is important to screen for low blood levels which could imply an underlying blood disorder.

ABO Blood Group

Blood group of both the man and woman plays an important role as incompatible blood group types can lead to serious complications to the baby during pregnancy. 

Knowing the blood group of both parents will allow the necessary precautions and medications to be administered, if required, to prevent complications.

Thalassemia Screen

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that is fairly prevalent in Asia, including Singapore. It requires 2 sets of abnormal genes for full blown thalassemia disease to manifest. Children born with thalassemia major will require regular blood transfusions for.

Having 1 set of the abnormal gene makes you a carrier, but carriers are able to lead a normal life. As such, many men or women who are carriers may not even know that they carry the abnormal gene. Having both parents as thalassemia carriers will have a 25% chance of the child being born with thalassemia major.

As such, screening for such genetic blood disorders is important to allow adequate counseling and planning for the couple to take place.

Rubella Antibody

Rubella is a highly contagious virus that can cause significant congenital abnormalities, miscarriage and stillbirth if a pregnant mother gets infected with it.

Screening for immunity to Rubella allows a woman to protect herself against this virus before she even gets pregnant.

Preconception screening may include additional tests such as:

  • Chlamydia or Gonorrhea Screening
  • Ultrasound of the Uterus
  • Additional testing to evaluate a couple’s Fertility

The most suitable type of test is best decided after an in depth discussion with your doctor on your needs and concerns.


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