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Ezra Clinic is a Women's Health, Wellness and Aesthetic clinic that is conveniently located at the Penthouse level of Royal Square Medical Suites, in the prime Novena medical health hub of Singapore.


We are a one stop Women's Health and Wellness clinic in Singapore that is dedicated to offering a full suite of services for the modern day woman in Singapore.

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Our Expertise

Our Signature Services Are:

Helmed by Dr Michelle Chia who specializes in Women’s Health and Aesthetic medicine, our Signature Services include:

Women's Health


Women's Health Clinic

Services Offered

Contraception & Birth Control

Ezra Clinic is one of the only women’s clinics in Singapore that provides the most comprehensive range of contraceptive and birth control family planning methods for women of all ages in Singapore, at an affordable price.

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods

Shorter Acting Family Planning Methods

We have the best contraceptive method that suits you.

All methods of Emergency Contraceptive methods are also available in our clinic:

General Women's Health Issues & Menstrual Disorders

Most women in Singapore require a trusted female doctor for their women’s health concerns, and that is what Ezra Clinic aims to provide.

General Women’s Health check-ups that include:

or even check ups for ovarian cysts should be done regularly by most women at some point in their life.

Menstrual disorders also commonly affect women in Singapore. From menstrual problems like:

or other menstural problems, it is crucial for patients with menstrual problems to visit a doctor early to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

General Gynaecological Issues & Menstrual Disorders
Female Sexual Health Clinic & Vaginal Issues

Female Sexual Health Clinic & Vaginal Issues

Ezra clinic also provides comprehensive and holistic women’s sexual health clinic services with a specialized focus on sexual health problems in women.

This includes treating and screening for sexually transmitted infections and all other problems that sexually active women may encounter during sexual intercourse including painful sexual intercourse, vaginal infections or difficulty with sex such as Vaginismus.

Vaginal infections can be extremely troubling for patients, and sometimes it can even become a chronic recurrent problem. It is important to seek help from experienced and trusted female doctors that can provide an accurate diagnosis with appropriate treatment.

We are dedicated to provide a safe and private space for women to visit and seek help with a female doctor for any sexual health issues with a peace of mind.

Ezra Clinic strives to be known as the best, most affordable and accessible women’s clinics in Singapore with a full suite of womens health clinic services offered. From teenage years to menopause, any women’s health issues that you may face, we have got you covered.

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Aesthetic Services



Get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles, or achieve that V shaped face with a treatment with minimal pain and no downtime.

BTX erases wrinkles effectively to provide you with a youthful appearance with a quick and easy procedure.

Achieve a more lifted and contoured face with our signature non surgical facelift treatment with Ultherapy – the only FDA approved ultrasound technology for non surgical face lifting, tightening and firming.

Dermal Fillers – Also known as a liquid facelift, dermal fillers allow us to restore volume loss and improve your facial features easily with no downtime.

Treatment with Fillers can help achieve a more rejuvenated, fresher look and turn back the clock a few years.

Profhilo – one of the latest and most popular anti-ageing treatments. Profhilo is an excellent product for ageing and sagging skin that helps with bio-remodelling of collagen in the skin.

Rejuran and Skin Boosters – rejuvenate your skin and achieve deep skin hydration and repair with Rejuran Healer and Skin Boosters. These extremely popular treatments help to improve skin texture, pores, fine lines and skin dullness to create that dewy glow that many women desire.

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Skin Care Clinic Treatments in Singapore

BTX to erase dynamic wrinkles

Ultherapy The FDA Approved Non-Surgical Treatment for Skin lifting

Dermal Fillers, Profhilo and Skin boosters for facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing


Ezra Clinic also offers a personalized consultation to identify every woman’s skin or hair loss problems.

We strive to provide our clients with the right treatments for optimal skin, face or hair rejuvenation.

Our extensive menu of services will help elevate a woman’s beauty and give her more confidence to achieve her best in the aspect of women’s wellness.

Ezra Clinic is able to deliver a wide array of solutions to different skin and beauty conditions for women. We specialize in female centered aesthetics and meet each woman’s needs through our holistic approach to feminine beauty with modern technology.

Dr Michelle prides herself in providing professional cosmetic treatments that are evidenced-based and delivers them with as little downtime as possible.

Understanding your condition and looking for its solution is easier when done with professional guidance.

Dr Michelle is best known and highly requested by patients for:

Female Doctor
and Clinic

Dr Michelle Chia is dually qualified and experienced in the field of women’s health and aesthetic medicine.

Coming from a background training in women’s health for many years, and then subsequently training in aesthetic medicine in several of the most established aesthetic clinics in Singapore, she is one of the few doctors in Singapore with this unique combined skill set.

As a female doctor in Singapore who is trained and experienced in both fields, Dr Michelle was inspired to set up Ezra Clinic to integrate the 2 areas of her passion and expertise – women’s clinic services and anti-ageing aesthetic medicine- to provide complete all rounded health, beauty and wellness services for all women in one place.

Dr Michelle has been featured on:


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