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The contraceptive injection is a hormonal form of birth control.

The contraceptive injection is a Progesterone Only Jab, which means it only contains a single hormone type – Progesterone.

This is unlike other methods such as birth control pills or the contraceptive patch, which contain 2 different types of hormones – Estrogen and Progesterone.

The contraceptive injection is an extremely popular and convenient method of birth control, and only requires a woman to take a jab once every 12 weeks.

How Does The Contraceptive Injection Work?

Being a hormonal form of birth control, the contraceptive injection prevents pregnancy by also preventing ovulation from taking place.

Getting the contraceptive injection will increase progesterone levels in your body. This will send signals to your brain to prevent ovulation from taking place.

Additionally, the raised progesterone levels will cause the thickening of the cervical mucus in the vagina to create an unfavorable environment for sperm to pass through.

Last but not least, raised progesterone levels will lead to a consistently thin lining of the womb which helps to prevent implantation and fertilization.

How effective is contraceptive injection

How Effective Is The Contraceptive Injection?

The contraceptive injection is extremely effective in pregnancy prevention.

If administered correctly and on schedule, the contraceptive injection has up to 97% efficacy in preventing pregnancy.

As the contraceptive injection does not rely on user compliance to ensure its efficacy, it makes it a more reliable and effective method of birth control amongst women.

Women using the contraceptive injection do not have to worry about missed pills on a daily basis.

Think you need the Contraceptive Injection?

Who is Suitable For The Contraceptive Injection?

The contraceptive injection is suitable for women who are:

First time users of birth control

Women who desire short term reversible contraception

Women who only want birth control for a short period of time

Women who prefer non invasive forms of birth control

Women who want a discreet form of contraception

Women who often forget to take their pills regularly

Women who desire a more convenient method compared to birth control pills or patch

Women who are not suitable to use estrogen in their birth control **

Who Is Not Suitable for the Contraceptive Injection?

Being a hormonal form of birth control, it is important that the contraceptive injection is only used on suitable women after a detailed consultation with an experienced women’s health doctor.

If used inappropriately, it could also lead to unwanted complications as well.

Women with the following conditions may not be suitable for the contraceptive injection:

Do consult your doctor first if you wish to consider starting on the contraceptive injection.

What Are The Side Effects of the Contraceptive Injection?

Being a progesterone only type of injection, the side effect profile of the contraceptive injection will differ from those associated with the birth control pill.

Common Side Effects Include:

These side effects vary according to the individual, and may not happen to everyone who is using the contraceptive injection.

Not to worry as many of the side effects can be managed by a doctor who is experienced and familiar with the use of the contraceptive jab.

It is important to see a doctor who is experienced with using the contraceptive jab before deciding to go on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get pregnant while on the contraceptive injection?

If used correctly, the contraceptive injection is an extremely effective and reliable form of birth control.

This is especially so as it does not rely on the woman to remember to take a pill daily.

While there is no birth control method that gives a 100% guarantee, the chance of a pregnancy is extremely rare.

However, if a woman often forgets to take her contraceptive jab, then there could be a risk of pregnancy.

What if I want to get pregnant in the future?

The contraceptive injection is 100% reversible and has no future impact on your fertility.

However, compared to other forms of birth control, the contraceptive injection does take a few months for its effects to fully wear off and for a woman’s natural menstrual cycle and fertility to fully return.

This is why it is important to have a discussion with your doctor on your plans to conceive and find out if the contraceptive injection is a suitable choice for you.

Is the contraceptive injection effective immediately?

The contraceptive injection requires at least 7 days before its effects kick in. Hence, it is important to use alternative contraception such as a condom, or to abstain from unprotected sexual intercourse for the first 7 days after the contraceptive injection.

Will I get my period on the contraceptive jab?

Irregular bleeding or spotting is an extremely common side effect with the contraceptive jab. This is commonly experienced amongst most women who are using the contraceptive injection.

A proportion of women may also stop getting their periods altogether while on the contraceptive injection.

Think you need the Contraceptive Injection?


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