Vaginal Yeast Infection Singapore

Yeast infections are one of the most common types of vaginal infections or vaginitis that occur in women.

It is also known as vaginal thrush or vaginal candidiasis.

Approximately 75% of women will experience this in their lifetime.

What Is Yeast Infection?

Yeast is caused by a type of fungal organism known as Candida Albicans. This can be found normally in a healthy vagina.

Vaginitis usually occur when there is a change in the balance of  the bacterial flora or pH of the vagina, which leads to an overgrowth of fungal organisms. This overgrowth then leads to vaginal candidiasis.

Vaginal thrush occurs when a woman starts to experience symptoms such as vaginal itching, pain, soreness or abnormal white clumpy discharge.

What are some Yeast infection symptoms?

These commonly include:
Vaginal infection

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What are the common causes of Yeast infection?

It is important to understand the various causes as it can go a long way in preventing a recurrence.

Recurrence is a very common problem that can be very troubling and bothersome for those experiencing it.

Some of the common factors include:


Taking antibiotics as treatment for another illness could increase the chances of vaginitis. This is because it can kill off the good bacteria in the vagina, hence disrupting the bacterial balance which causes an overgrowth of thrush.

Sexual Intercourse

This is know to be an extremely common trigger as it disrupts the vaginal pH.

Hormonal Changes including pregnancy

Major hormonal changes will most definitely lead to a disruption of the balance of the vaginal bacterial flora which predisposes you to vaginitis.


Diabetes is an important consideration especially in those with recurrent thrush. It may be the only presenting symptom of undiagnosed diabetes. This is due to a weakened immune system that causes the overgrowth of thrush.

Use of Vaginal Wash and Douches

Contrary to popular belief that we need to use vaginal washes for hygiene purpose, the use of vaginal wash and douches are in fact a major culprit. This is because over-washing as well as the soap and chemicals present in these products actually cause significant disruption to the natural bacterial balance and pH which leads to significant skin and vaginal irritation.

Tight pants or underwear

The use of tight clothing prevents ventilation around the vaginal region especially with the humid weather in Singapore. The humidity and moisture can also lead to vaginitis and skin irritation.

Disposable gynecological examination kit

How Do You Test for Yeast Infection?

Diagnosis is made and confirmed with a vaginal swab test.

Your doctor will usually perform a thorough vaginal examination and perform the swab test during the consultation.

This swab test is usually quick and painless when done by an experienced practitioner.

It is not advisable to buy over the counter medications or purchase medicine online without getting examined by a doctor in person.

The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection is commonly confused with other infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis which is caused by a bacteria, or other more serious conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Hence, it is important to always consult a doctor and get a proper vaginal examination should you experience any abnormal vaginal symptoms.

This is to avoid any delay in diagnosis or wrong treatments prescribed.

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Treatment depends on the severity as well as the duration.

Simple Infections

Simple infections can be cured with medicine such as anti-fungal medication. These medicine come in the form of creams, vaginal pessaries or oral tablets.

The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity and the individual condition of the patient.

Special attention needs to be paid to patients who are pregnant or who have a weakened immune system. Pregnant women in particular need to see a doctor early and receive treatment in a timely manner.

We will tailor the treatment according to the individual woman’s needs, if symptoms persist.

Severe Yeast Infection

This usually encompass infections that are prolonged, severe in symptoms or recurrent in nature.

A severe infection, particularly those that are recurrent in nature, will require a more specialized and experienced doctor to tailor a treatment plan to reduce and treat the frequency of recurrences.

This will usually require a longer duration of treatment for a few weeks to months, and will require monitoring of side effects through blood tests. 

Proper treatment can go a long way in preventing serious issues or recurrence.

Prevention of Yeast Infection

Recurrence is an extremely common problem that is troubling for many, and oftentimes it is because of their feminine hygiene habits that contribute to this.

It is important to understand that it is caused by the disruption of the balance and natural pH of the vaginal flora (good bacteria), which leads to the overgrowth of candida.

This is caused by factors such as – over washing the vagina with soaps, vaginal douching, moist environment with tight clothing, sexual intercourse which causes irritation to the vagina.

They are in fact, not caused by poor hygiene or by the use of a dirty toilet bowl.

Here are some important tips for prevention:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a sexually transmitted disease?
This is caused by a fungal organism known as candida, and is NOT a sexually transmitted disease. However, it can be triggered or worsened by sexual intercourse.
What is the main cause of Yeast Infection?
The main cause is due to overgrowth of fungal organisms. This overgrowth is caused by the imbalance of the pH levels and an imbalance in the environment of the vagina.
Are Yeast infection and Bacterial vaginosis the same?
No they are not. Both are very commonly occurring infections that cause vaginitis. One is caused by a fungal infection while the latter is caused by bacteria. Hence the management will differ as well.
How long does Yeast Infection last?
An uncomplicated simple episode, if diagnosed and treated early and correctly, can usually resolve in 1 week. However, if a patient decides to buy over the counter medication from the pharmacy or online before getting examined properly by a doctor, it often leads to prolonged vaginitis or worsening of symptoms. This also increases the risk of recurrence if not managed correctly.
What is the fastest way to get rid of a Yeast Infection?
The fastest way to get rid of this is to consult an experienced women’s health doctor in the clinic who is experienced in treating such issues.  Accurate diagnosis with the correct type of treatment is the fastest way to get rid of the problem.
Can a Yeast Infection go away on its own?
It is unlikely that it will go away on it’s own. It is not advisable to leave the problem untreated as the symptoms often cause distress and inconvenience to the woman.
What will happen if a Yeast Infection is left untreated?
If left untreated, the symptoms will likely worsen - increased discharge, persistent itching and burning in the vagina etc. These symptoms usually cause significant inconvenience and affect a woman’s daily activities. Leaving it untreated also increases the future chances of recurrence and chronic infection.
Does my partner need to be treated?
Because it is not sexually transmitted, there is no definite requirement for the partner to do so. However, based on experience, it is not uncommon for the partners to also complain of similar symptoms as well. It is recommended for the partner to get checked as well if they are experiencing anything unusual.
When can I have sex again?
It is best to refrain from any type of sexual activity until your treatment course is completed and your symptoms are successfully managed.
Does this affect my fertility?
Unlike sexually transmitted infections, there is no evidence that this will affect a woman’s fertility. However, if a woman is pregnant, thrush could increase the chances of a miscarriage or preterm labour. Hence you should see a doctor early.

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