Genital Warts

Genital Warts Singapore – Also known as Condylomata Acuminata, vaginal warts and genital warts are one of the most common type of sexually transmitted infections seen in women.

They are caused by the Human Papillomavirus HPV. It is important to recognize and treat this condition as it can increase a woman’s risk of cervical and other HPV related cancers eg vaginal or vulva cancer.

What Are Genital Warts?

Genital warts are sexually transmitted infections characterised by benign fleshy growths that grow over the genital region. They can usually appear as a single bump, or as multiple fleshy growths, most commonly resembling the appearance of a cauliflower.

Genital warts can affect both males and females. Usually multiple warts can appear anywhere around the genital area.

They are commonly found on areas like the vagina, vulva, or cervix in women. They can also sometimes be found around the anogenital skin region or anal canal.

This infection is usually acquired through unprotected sexual intercourse or intimate skin to skin contact with an infected person.

Green cauliflower as genital warts

Incubation Period

The incubation period of HPV virus and the appearance of genital warts is extremely varied.

Venereal warts can appear shortly after sexual activity and contact with an infected partner, or the virus can incubate for as long as several months to years before the affected person starts exhibiting symptoms after contracting HPV.



Genital warts are caused by infection with the Human Papillomavirus HPV.

There are more than 100 HPV types. The HPV strains most closely related to causing genital warts and anal warts are HPV 6 and 11.

Other high risk HPV types like HPV 16 and 18 are closely related to cervical cancer. While other HPV strains are related to other cancers in the vulva, vagina, mouth or throat.

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The most common presenting symptom of genital warts in females is the presence of bumps felt over the vaginal or genital area.

These bumps are usually:

Symptoms of genital warts

Risk Factors

The risk factors for genital warts and HPV include:


Complications of genital warts arise if they are not diagnosed correctly or not treated appropriately.

The most concerning risk of HPV infection is the increased risk of cancer, particularly cervical cancer.

Disposable gynecological examination kit


Genital warts are diagnosed clinically, after consultation and examination by an experienced doctor.

Women are also recommended to do their regular pap smear screening and also do a HPV test which can screen for the high risk strains of HPV.

HPV screening and PAP smear is extremely important as it allows high risk HPV or early precancerous cell changes to be detected and treated early.


There are a few treatment options for wart removal Singapore.

The most effective genital warts treatment is Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)

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Liquid Nitrogen or Cryotherapy

Liquid nitrogen is an extremely effective method of genital warts treatment. This is a painless treatment that effectively freezes and kills the wart causing virus to destroy and remove any visible growths.

Cryotherapy is a simple and effective procedure that can be performed in the clinic. It does not take more than 5 minutes. It is painless and does not require any painkillers or anaesthesia. There is also low risk of infection. This treatment is also safe for pregnant women.

Depending on the severity of your warts, a few sessions may be required. More sessions are required if your condition is more severe.

The healing process can take a few days and most people recover uneventfully. Some people may notice mild swelling or blister formation around the treated region.

At Ezra Clinic, we offer effective wart removal treatments with Cryotherapy, performed by our experienced female doctor.

Liquid Nitrogen or Cryotherapy

Topical treatment

Topical solutions and creams can also be prescribed for application to warts. These medications help to target the destruction of warts. The response to topical therapy is slower compared to liquid nitrogen, and it can take up to 16 weeks for warts to resolve.

Topical therapy can be prescribed in conjunction with liquid nitrogen for a quicker and more successful treatment. Common side effects of the medication include transient redness, burning or skin irritation.


Effective removal of genital warts caused by HPV is an important step in prevention. Genital warts recur when they are not treated adequately or properly.

HPV vaccines are also crucial and effective in the prevention of genital warts, HPV and cervical cancer.

The recommended HPV vaccination is Gardasil 9. It is the best and most advanced type of HPV vaccine in the market.

The nine valent HPV vaccines are significant more effective in protecting a wider range of HPV stains (9 types) compared to the older vaccines Gardasil 4 (only 4 strains) or Bivalent (only 2 strains). This includes protection from the strains of HPV that cause genital warts and cancer.

The Gardasil 9 vaccine is recommended for both males and females, from 9 to 45 years old. It is strongly recommended for all eligible men and women to get their HPV vaccination as soon as possible.

Women undergoing cervical cancer vaccination are still required to do their regular PAP smear and HPV screening as well.

As warts are spread through sexual contact, you will also be advised to abstain from sexual activity until you are completely treated. This is to prevent genital warts from spreading to your partner.

You are also encouraged to screen for other sexually transmitted infections.

Prevention of genital warts

When To See a Doctor

You should consult a doctor if you experience any unusual bumps around the genital region, or if your partner has just informed you that they have been diagnosed with warts.

If you are unsure of your condition, do see a doctor as well to get an accurate diagnosis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is genital warts common in Singapore?
Genital warts are one of the most common STDs in Singapore.
Is it safe not to treat genital warts?
It is not safe to leave genital warts untreated as they will likely worsen. This can make treatment more challenging and costly for you. Untreated HPV infection will also increase your risk of HPV related cancers. Leaving it untreated also increases the risk of spreading it to your partner.
What could be mistaken for genital warts?
Common bumps around the vagina known as vestibular papillomatosis have a very similar appearance to genital warts and are very often mistaken for genital warts. Other bumps such as blisters, skin tags or folliculitis may also be mistaken for warts. It takes an experienced women's health doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Do consult a doctor if you are unsure.
How long will it take for genital warts to go away?
This depends on the severity of your condition. If treated with cryotherapy which is the most effective treatment, warts can go away just after 1 or 2 treatment sessions. You may require more sessions if your condition is more severe.
Why do I have genital warts but my partner doesn't?
Genital warts are spread through sexual activity or intimate skin to skin contact. The incubation period in each individual differs and also depends on one's own immune system. Your partner may also have a lower risk if they are vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.
Where can I get HPV vaccine in Singapore?
We recommend getting the Gardasil 9 vaccine. You can get it at a specialised women's health clinic like Ezra Clinic.

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