Did you know that HIFU Treatment Can Combat 3 of These Common Skin Woes in Singapore? Find Out More!


With weather conditions characterised by sunny patterns and generous humidity, Singapore’s climate can lead to a number of skin complications, especially if you do not take precautionary measures like staying out of the sun and using sunblock regularly. The harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun can actually cause premature ageing and make you look older than your real age!

3 of the most common signs of ageing include saggy skin around the neck that can make you look plump, wrinkles, as well as bumpy skin. But fret not, because with HIFU treatment, you can get younger-looking skin even in Singapore’s temperamental weather.

The revolutionary HIFU treatment has proven to be a shield in this battlefield. This non-surgical procedure provides holistic protection against various environmental and physiological factors. Find out more about this treatment in Singapore by reading on!

HIFU Treatment in a Nutshell

First things first: what is HIFU?

The word itself is an acronym for High-Intensity Ultrasound, a treatment which utilises low-frequency sound waves to focus thermal heat on underlying layers or spots of the skin consequently triggering self-regeneration and collagen stimulation.

Unlike conventional facelifts which involve major surgery with a long recovery process, HIFU is a non-invasive alternative that can stimulate collagen and elastin production to  give you a fresher and more rejuvenated look. Now that you know what exactly HIFU treatment is and how it is done at our clinic in Singapore, find out about 3 skin woes that can be combated with HIFU treatment!

Saggy Skin

Singapore is a sun-kissed nation which receives colossal amounts of sunshine throughout the year. With extended exposure to sunlight and, thereby, UV light, the production of collagen in the body progressively declines.

This compound is responsible for tightening skin tissues and as it gradually diminishes in composition, your skin starts to get a little “loose” hence it gives off the impression that it is “sagging”. Collagen deterioration may also be due to the effects of ageing, genetics and unhealthy habits such as smoking.

Saggy skin around the face could make you look overweight and bloated. Many Singaporeans turn to cosmetic surgery as a solution to saggy skin. However, cosmetic surgery isn’t the most pocket-friendly solution.

HIFU facelift in Singapore, on the other hand, is more affordable from a long-term point of view, is non invasive and delivers more results!


Pretty much the same factors that cause sagging skin are the ones behind wrinkles i.e. those ridges, folds and creases around your face which get particularly pronounced with facial expressions.

Wrinkles can give you the appearance of a more tired and haggard look. It could also make you appear older and drained.

A HIFU facelift in Singapore can help you get rid of those unwanted marks getting in the way of your perfect smile.

By stimulating skin tightening around the jawbone, eyes and cheeks, your skin becomes firmer thereby flattening out deformations in a similar manner to how an iron box affects clothes.

Bumpy Skin

Bumpy skin occurs due to the accumulation of skin flakes beneath the skin surface. It is also formed due to the concentration of keratin around various areas resulting in a chicken-like appearance of the skin. Bumpy skin could cause you to look unhealthy. It could also give you the appearance of a rash! 

If you are plagued with such troubles, you could use the HIFU procedure as it offers an effective treatment that lifts and tightens the affected skin in the process.

HIFU Reviews

Ready to get young and smooth skin?

This treatment has numerous advantages. In fact, HIFU treatment has been substantiated by medical experts and countless studies in Singapore and abroad to improve general skin brightness and tones.

If you are thinking of giving HIFU a try, find out more about its prices and where you can it done in Singapore.

Prices of HIFU in Singapore

HIFU treatment prices in Singapore range from $450 – $800 for small regions like double chin and $1800 to $4000 for full face and neck treatments.

What explains the differences in pricing for HIFU treatment prices in Singapore?

We took the opportunity to survey 50 clinics that offer HIFU (Ulthera, Ultraformer, Ultraskin) to find out: 

  1. Brand of HIFU machines: some clinics tend to invest in more Avant Garde machines from big names in the industry. These tend to cost a bit more.
  2. Total number of HIFU shots: depending on one’s skincare concerns, you might need more than one HIFU shot.
  3. Experience and skill of the doctor: while you might want to entrust your skin to an experienced doctor, you also have to deal with higher prices.
  4. Location of Clinic: clinics in highly-populated areas like the central business district (CBD) might charge higher prices.

Thinking of undergoing HIFU treatment in Singapore? We can share more!



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