3 Painless Treatments for Panda Eyes and Eye Bag Removal in Singapore


Pandas might be cute and cuddly but having “panda eyes” isn’t exactly flattering.

The term “panda eyes” refers to those dark rings and chunks of fat under your eyes. Otherwise known as dark undereye circles, panda eyes are a common skin blemish that rarely goes unnoticed. Often accompanied by eye bags, these shades of black spots are undesirable as they give off the impression of accelerated ageing.

If you are struggling with those dark eye circles, you might find this article useful. We will be uncovering what causes dark eye circles and eye bags as well as their treatment options in Singapore.

Causes of Dark Eye Circles and Eye Bags

Before we dive deep into how you can remove these skin blemishes, first things first: what exactly causes eye bags and dark eye circles?

There is a myriad of factors which results in those unappealing skin blemishes. We have done our research and narrowed down 3 common contributions to dark eye circles and eye bags.

1. Sleep Deprivation

Are you guilty of staying up all night at work or at the club?

That might be contributing to your dark circles and eye bags!

Our skin is quite thin around the eyelids, and when you don’t get a good night’s rest, the blood capillaries will dilate. Since the vessels are extremely close to the surface, this dilation not only elevates the volume of the skin in this area but also causes it to darken due to the increased blood flow. Fluid can also build up under the eye due to extreme fatigue.

2. Tugging and Pulling of the Skin

You might want to think twice the next time you aggressively rub your skin under your eyes to remove your eye makeup.

The eyes can also become puffy when the skin underneath is under constant physical strain such as when removing makeup, particularly around the eye region.

Moreover, extended staring at the television or computer screens can also have a similar effect as does the constant use of overly tight eye equipment such as snorkelling goggles.

3. Ageing

Sadly, we can’t stop time – ageing is inevitable.

As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity, and the areas under the eyes start to sag. Moreover, our skin also becomes thinner with age, thereby enhancing the visibility of dark blood vessels around the eyelids which makes our dark eye circles pronounced.

How to Remove Dark Eye Circles and Eye Bags

Puffiness and dullness under the eyes are certainly no fun, but there are some ways you can manage these skin woes. Here are 3 of them.


HIFU is the first on our list of effective dark eye bags treatments in Singapore.


Simply because of its powerful ultra-sound technology. It heats the skin underneath the eyes, causing microdamage to cells in the affected areas. The cellular destruction accelerates collagen production to make the skin firmer, consequently hiding away dark blood vessels.


This three-dimensional dark eye circle treatment in Singapore is slightly similar to HIFU. It focuses on skin tightening and stimulating collagen production through a combination of fractional needling and focused radio frequency. INFINI also restores skin elasticity for firmer skin.

3. Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is a contemporary eye bag removal procedure that is available in Singapore.

It is a skin rejuvenation technique that counteracts the factors leading to under eye blemishes using salmon DNA extracts.

The treatment bolsters growth factors via microcirculation while also getting rid of inflammatory cytokines in the body that cause problems such as swollen eyes.



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