3 Essential Facts about Getting a Nose Thread Lift in Singapore


Sharp chins and slim faces may be two hallmarks of Asian beauty, but one other facial feature has just recently crept its way into beauty trends.

This beauty trend is none other than the sharp and lifted nose.

A straight and sharp nose has long been associated with beauty, and it brings attention to the face regardless of one’s ethnicity. In the past, individuals who wanted a well-contoured nose had no option but to use a surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty involved the separation of the nasal skin from the soft tissues under it, which were then corrected as per the client’s desires.

This procedure is popular amongst Korean celebrities in showbiz and music. Some prominent Korean celebrities who have gone under the knife include Kwanghee from K-Pop male group ZE:A and JooE from girl group MOMOLAND.

However, there were significant risks associated with the procedure, and the healing time was extensive. Thankfully, modern medical and cosmetic practice have benefited from technological advancements, and you can now attain the desired results without the use of surgery thanks to a process known as nose thread lift.

Keen to learn more about how it is done in Singapore? Read on!

A nose thread lift can be used to give your nose a straighter and well-contoured definition, raise the nose bridge, and also lift the tip of the nose. The procedure takes under 30 minutes, and it is quite straightforward, especially when done by a qualified doctor with experience in doing it.

A numbing cream or alternative local anaesthesia is applied on the surface to make the process pain free. The doctor then uses a cannula to make a small puncture at the nose’s tip through which the threads will be inserted.

The benefits of using nose thread lift as compared to other alternatives include:

  1. You can improve the contouring of the nose and get a better definition
  2. You can raise the nose tip
  3. You get a slimmer nose bridge
  4. You can reduce the nose’s width
  5. You face minimal downtime with the nose feeling some soreness for a day or two
  6. There is no risk of blindness or any other significant risk when the procedure is done correctly since the threads do not migrate or cause occlusion in blood vessels.

Thinking of getting a nose thread lift? Find out from our website in Singapore about 3 features of this unique procedure by reading on.

Material and Safety of Threads Used for Thread Lift

In case you were wondering, the threads used in the procedure aren’t the same as your ordinary threads used to stitch clothing together.

The threads used in the thread lift procedure  are made from polydioxanone (PDO) which is a material that is compatible with the body, and after six to eight months the threads dissolve entirely into the body with no negative interaction whatsoever with the skin and tissue beneath.

You Can Get Results Within One Session

Results can be seen in after one session when the right threads are used, and the placement is  done correctly. The effects last for a considerable time between one to two years, and you can still get repeated treatments, which lead to even better results building on the foundation laid by the first treatment.

Price of Nose Thread Lift in Singapore

Thinking of getting a nose threadlift done in Singapore?

The expected cost  of this cosmetic procedure ranges from $800 to $1300. The price of getting a nose threadlift done at a clinic in Singapore depends on the following factors:

  • Location of the clinic: clinics in the central business districts tend to charge a bit higher than those in the heartlands.
  • Equipment: not all clinics use the same tools, some leverage equipment that is a bit more expensive and advanced than others.

All in all, when getting a nose threadlift, the price is secondary. Think of all the beauty benefits you can get when you undergo this cosmetic procedure in Singapore!



Dr Michelle Chia

Medical Director

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Dr Michelle's journey allowed her to train in Women's Health and Aesthetic Medicine. Her experience has led her to be featured on multiple media platforms including Radio Stations and prominent Magazines like Her World, Women's Weekly and CLEO. Her work has also received recognition both locally and internationally in several Medical Conferences.

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